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Electronic Health Record Platform for Wunder Studio

Deliverables UX/UI Design
Team Members Self Initiated project for Wunder Studio as a Case Study
Output Designing an electronic health record system through using the tools of mobile app development, user experience, interface design, product design.


Wunder Studio kindly requested such a unique and fun challenge: to design a blood report that could be;

1. Easier to analyze by the patients, and potentially offers a; 
2. Visibly clear look.

I've personally had a chance to take this challenge as an opportunity to twist into an electronic platform from scratch where patients can keep their basic personal record, regular checkups, prescriptions and diet plans - if there's any, including upcoming appointments along with the blood results. The system also allows the users to keep their own record and offers a comparative result system so that the users can reach out to their previous statistics. 

While designing the system, I observed some key issues had to be taken into consideration such as;
  • The language used for the patients
  • ​Trouble-free user experience for the ones who might have a lack of concentration, forgetfulness, tiredness, problems with concentration.


I personally started with crafting basic branding sketches from picking colors to fonts in order to create a composed look, following the design system on the 'Overview' page. 

Here are some of the UX/UI solutions I meant to implement;

1. Providing users a friendly language. Most of the medical terms and values are generally difficult to understand by the patients. I intended to keep the language simple, clear and reachable as if the system is talking to a friend. It also encourages and motivates the users to keep their progress going to reach out to their intended goals about their health. 

2. Implementing a simple and clear direction. Electronic medical platforms or even printed outcomes are visibly complexed and meant to be analyzed by the medical professional. The platform I designed offers a direct communication with the user by prioritizing their needs.

3. Enabling a smart resulting system. This platform provides a patient-focused system by keeping their data through smart estimations such as asking you if you are fighting with an infection regarding your high white blood cell results. The system also, compares your results and provides you a statistical data.


I created a highly favorable system both can be used on mobile and desktop aiming to be used effortlessly by the wide range of users. 

I preferred a simple look sticking to a soft color palette, visible iconography and self-explanatory infographics. 

As a result, keeping your data enables the system to be more convenient for you to remember and gather all the medical information including appointments. Patients are meant to use the platform stress-free.
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