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Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness Coaching

Hi, I'm Cansu!

I am a life-long student, yoga & meditation teacher and a mindfulness coach!

As a human of 'feelings', I have encountered yoga and meditation at early ages when I started to question about myself and everything about life. I started practicing yoga regularly in 2017 after having major life events. I have been to many yoga & meditation retreats in various places.

My practice blends modern psychology with mindfulness and valuable eastern beliefs. I enjoy going deeper with human nature. 

Trainings & Practices

  • 2018  Nepal Buddhist Sanctuary
  • 2019  200 hours Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Alexis Gulliver, Urun Kurtic & Zeynep Birinci
  • 2019  Compassion for Everybody with Vajrajaksu
  • 2020  Weekly Meditation & Mindfulness Sanghas with Jeff Oliver
  • 2020  200 hours Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Zeynep Aksoy
  • 2021  Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness with David Treleaven
  • 2021  The Power of Compassion with Christopher Germer
  • 2021  International Coaching Federation Mindfulness Coaching Training with Banu Cecen & David Cornell
  • 2021  Make Friends w/Your Mind & Develop Your Enlightened Qualities with Sah D'Simone

I am ready to be your co-pilot to dig your true potential, walk with you to find your authentic self and guide you in your journey!

Contact for 1:1 or group yoga/meditation classes & coaching!

Let's connect!

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