Selected works from branding (logo development, web design, etc.)  to poster design, infographics to social media materials for "Future Vision", Serbian-based design company "Future by Design" who works with UN agencies, a UK-based collective sonic agency "Indigo Artists", Istanbul & London based sustainable consultancy agency "s360", "University of Sussex", a collaborative project by "British Council & BBC" for Syrian refugee artists, UNDP (link here) and various independent projects.
Future by design |
"Andو is a new digital commissioning programme that aims to support and share the work of displaced Syrian artists."
Three different Tumblr platforms have been curated/designed through customized coding to give voice for the artists for Hussein Haddad, Issam Hajjar and Al Baraa Haddad & Alaa Khweled in order to get more vocal about their personal experience through their respective artistic expression.

Please feel free to visit Hussein Haddad's platform "Children & War".

Please feel free to visit Al Baraa Haddad & Alaa Kweled's platform "Refugee Cats". 

Please feel free to visit Issam Hajjar's platform "Syria is..".

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