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Deliverables Digital Design
Team Members Self Initiated
Output Various social media posts & stories for a localized fundraising campaign with Canva

Fundraising Campaign Overview

The goal is to provide bespoke and inclusive announcement and fundraising templates to support non-profit, non-governmental civic organizations, societies and individuals in Turkey.
  • Disaster Response Climate change, wildfires, earthquakes, coal-mine disasters

  • Gender Equality (i.e Support Women’s and Girl’s Empowerment, Support 200 Women Start Small Businesses in Turkey) 

  • Child Protection

  • Health (i.e. SMA disease among children and newborns)

  • Education Donations, Scholarship Programmes, Summits 

  • Refugee Rights (i.e. Syrian Women's Workshop for Self-Reliance)

  • Animals (Shelters, adoption, awareness posts)

National Holidays

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