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Compilations of photographic practices, commissions, exhibitions, installations, video art, features and publications


Hi there! I am a multi-disciplinary creative who enjoys wearing many hats.

I have a background in  background in art, visual design and literary media. In my artistic practices, I blend analogue techniques with digital to create vibrant abstract imagery and ethereal sound. My interests include photography, experimental video art, sound design as well as writing/content creation. I have been establishing online & offline presence as an artist, writer, researcher through conferences, social media, magazines, journals, zines and publicly exhibiting internationally.

01 Transparent Exposure

Video Art Installation & Sound Design

An A/V installation project which was particularly created for the collaborative female exhibition project "A Matter of Narrative" supported by Johnny Walker & showcased at the wonderful concept store -then an exhibition space "Room + Rumours". The aim of the project is to trigger the audience to integrate with the artefact; to hear, to touch, wander around, experience, feel, etc.

Exhibited at
Room + Rumours | Istanbul, Turkey

02 Jungle

Video Art

"Jungle" represents the duality of a human cognition.

Screened at
Brighton Digital Festival, Brighton Dome, Brighton, UK
Patterns Brighton, UK
University of Sussex, Creative Zone, Brighton, UK

03 Claustrum

Audio-Visual Installation

“Claustrum” reflects perplexities, restlessness, fear and exposure of societies and individuals that have been saddled by hopelessness and forcible suppression. The combination of organic and digital is blended by the agency of experimentalism on multiple transparent surfaces in accordance with the critical and philosophical themes such as “existentialism”, “conceptualism” and “the relationship between human, machine and society” through the hybridity of various disciplines.

Exhibited at
Istanbul Maker Faire 2017, Turkey
CICA Museum, South Korea

04 PMS

Augmented Reality

PMS is an augmented reality exhibition that is curated by the amazing artist Meltem Sahin who brought 19 talented international artists together for the occasion. The exhibition allows the audience to interact with the static images & play animated GIFs through an app developed by Ugur Cetinkaya & Erdinc Akkaya, and creates hybridity combining real time stream & digital space. The theme of the exhibition demonstrates the painful side of menstruation by exploring the definitions of femininity, and attempts to break socially accepted normative "taboos".

Exhibited at
Bina, Istanbul, Turkey
Bomonti Alt, Istanbul, Turkey

05 Experimental Soundscapes

Sound Design

06 I Spy with My Little Eye

Net Art & Publication

From offline mediums to web art, “I Spy with my Little Eye” is an interdisciplinary project that creates a web based utopian anonymous cityscape with full of manipulated/distorted imagery and sound in order to spark a deeper approach on the counter perspective of being monitored in the public sphere as an individual. Please feel free to read the publication from here" and see the project on the link below.

Published at
isthisit? issue 5    


Digital & Analogue
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